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Bosch 2020 motor tuning. The most important Bosch Gen4 drives are revisions of existing drive systems, namely Performance Line and Performance Line CX. The new Bosch Performance Line 2020 drive is very dynamic and is primarily aimed at hobby sportsmen as well as commuters, trekkers and tourers SpeedBox 2.0 for Bosch Vmax tuning passer alle elektriske sykler levert med Bosch Performance CX Line drivlinje. (5/13) SpeedBox 2.0 for Bosch er også kompatibel med Bosch KIOX display 2019. (6/13) Unngå brå kutt i motorassistanse ved 25 km/t (= fjerner `sirup effekten´ / `klistereffekten´) og få langt bedre flyt på syklingen. (7/13 Performance Line is the most versatile drive system from Bosch. Whether you're on a sporty ride through the countryside, commuting to work or on a leisure ride, it always gives you support precisely when you need it. It is available in three variants One of the first Bosch Performance Line CX motors that I saw in the wild was on the Haibike XDURO DWNHLL Pro in 2016. It offered several important benefits compared with the original Performance Line Cruise motor and older First Generation Bosch Centerdrive as well as competing Yamaha, Impulse, Bafang, Shimano, and Brose products The main difference between the bikes are the bosch engines. the kathmandu has the bosch performance CX (75nm) motor and the touring the new bosch active line plus (50nm). In NL the bikes are limited at 25 km/h, so I want to tune the bike so I can ride faster to work (one way 28km), around 35 km/h would be ok

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Einbau des VOLspeed V3 in ein CUBE Reaction Hybrid Pro 500 mit Bosch Performance CX Motor (Gen4, MY2020) und KIOX-Display. English version: https://youtu.be/.. Performance Line Robert Bosch GmbH Bosch eBike Systems 72703 Reutlingen GERMANY www.bosch-ebike.com 1 270 020 XBI (2017.04) T / 99 WEU Active Line/Performance Line Active Line/Performance Line TURBO T OUR O OFF MPHKM/H e AMMPMWH MINMPH KM /H RESET SPOR T S e ic hw e A MM P MWH M IN M PH K M Intuvia BUI251: 1 270 020 906 BUI255: 1 270 020 90

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Bosch Performance CX 2020: small but impressive ½ vs. 1. The new Bosch Performance Line CX is almost half the size of its predecessor. But the engineers didn't just limit themselves to shrinking down the old motor, and instead redesigned the new one from scratch De SpeedChip tuning module voor de Bosch Active, Active plus, Performance (Speed en cruise) en Performance CX t/m modeljaar 2019 heeft Plug & Play connect Slik har det i hvert fall blitt med Bosch, som er verdens største produsent av motorer til elsykler. Dinside har tidligere testet Merida Big Nine E-Lite 900DX, som har Bosch toppmodell Performance CX. FÆRRE KNAPPETRYKK: Med eMTB trenger du ikke røre skifteren til høyre mens du sykler i normalfart. Foto: Bosch Vis me New Bosch Performance Line CX ebike motor is much smaller and lighter than the old one and uses a normal chainring. New 625Wh battery too! >>> We've ridden the new Bosch motor on the new Focus Jam2, read our verdict. Bosch were one of the very first companies to really get into ebikes Bosch engine tuning at home. Posted on January 3, 2012 by szaci. Posted in Technical news • Last year greatest ebike story was the introduction of the Bosch middle motor engines. If you are one of the people who are not satisfied with the 25 km/h top speed limitation, here you have a complete guide how to hack the system!.

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Bosch Performance Line CX: for the perfect uphill flow. No path's too steep, no challenge too tough: the Performance Line CX is made for all those who call the trail their second home. The most powerful Bosch motor for ambitious riders is particularly light and compact, yet extremely strong and efficient Set Sail On An Exciting Cruise Destination With Norwegian Cruise Line. Official Website. Choose Your Perfect Holiday Itinerary From Our 50+ Ports & Destinations Our RealSpeed tuning is available for pedelecs with Bosch, Yamaha, A customer has made a video about the installation of the bikespeed-RS on his Haibike Xduro with Bosch Performance-Line engine: to the installation video on Youtube Performance-Line Cruise up to V CX-Line up to V 1.0.2. My wife is looking at getting a bike and is considering the latest version of the bike I have - a Cube Touring Hybrid Pro. I see that this year's model has the latest Bosch Performance Line Cruise motor in place of the Active Line Plus, which is on mine (and also on the cheaper 2020 Touring Hybrid One version) Bosch Performance Line CX Latest Update Compatible With Eplus Chips! Posted on July 1, 2020 July 1, 2020 by EE_Admin We are happy to announce that Eplus speed unlock chips are fully compatible with the latest software update version released by Bosch for the Performance Line CX , Cargo Line, and Cargo Line Speed electric bicycle motors

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  1. Bosch Performance CX 2020: Small but impressive! The new Bosch Performance Line CX is almost half the size of its predecessor. But instead of just shrinking down the old motor, bosch have instead redesigned the new one from scratch. For example, the drive shaft no longer sits in the middle of the housing and has now moved further back and upwards
  2. Gen.4 E-Bike Tuning Chip f Bosch Active Performance CX Haibike Cube KTM Kalkhoff. EUR 144,90. Fast ausverkauft. EBike Tuning Chip f. Bosch 2020 Active Performance CX Gen 4 Simplon Flyer Scott. EUR 144,90. Noch 3. EBike Tuning Chiptuning Speedbox Typ CMX für Bosch Mittelmotor 50km/h Pedelec
  3. Ebike Tuning Bosch Active Line Bosch Performance Line Operating Manual Installation Guide . 2 Operating Manual VOLspeed Bosch Active Performance Rev.0 Attention! Read these instructions completely before using the device, keep the instructions and pass them on when handing over the device to othe
  4. We do provide a Bosch speed tuning dongle for all of our Bosch powered eBikes. This is a device that is 'plumbed' into the motor that can alter the speed cut off of the eBike. It allows you to travel as fast as you want to be assisted by the motor off road (private land) of course
  5. Bosch Performance Line 250w drive system- Whether trekking, all-mountain riding or commuting: The sporty Performance Line is the perfect choice for ambitious eBikers. The finely balanced, high-performance system with a maximum torque of 63 Nm transforms eBikers into explorers and adventurers and provides the required power at any moment
  6. Brand New SpeedBox Bosch 3.0 Tuning Kit is compatible with all eBikes that have a Bosch Motor manufactured from 2014-2020. Including all Active Line, Active Line Plus, Performance Line and Performance Line CX models including motors of the 4th generation. You will be able to ride at a speed of 60 km/h (37mph)
  7. Bosch Performance Line System. The new Cube Touring Hybrid Pro 500 2020 features the latest Bosch Performance eBike system. Offering a larger sprocket upfront with no internal gearing, this motor is much quieter and features little resistance when pedalling outside of the assistance

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SpeedBox2 El sykkel Tuning - for Bosch Performance CX Line sentermontert motor. fra FINN. Kart og flyfoto Bosch Active Line / Performance Line. Probably with the single biggest slice of the market, the Bosch Active Line motor sits at the bottom of their three-motor range; the Performance Line is the middle spec. We'll score for both of them here (separately if they're different) as they're both widely used in urban bikes Bosch Performance Line CX. This is Bosch's top-spec motor, and it's specifically designed for the rigours of off-road. The CX motor uses geared internals and a small drive ring, and in the last couple of years the assistance modes have been tweaked: there's now an e-MTB mode that's set up to offer the best response for trail riding In typical Bosch fashion, the Performance CX comes as a closed system and requires bike manufacturers to use Bosch's in-house remotes, displays, motor software, batteries and standard motor tuning. The DualBattery system combines an internal PowerTube and external PowerPack battery and allows for a battery capacity of up to 1,125 Wh - with two PowerTube batteries even 1,250 Wh

The latest updates to the Vektron line include new Bosch drivetrains. The top-of-the-line Vektron S10 features a Bosch Performance Line motor with up to 65 Nm of torque and pedal assist up to 300% SpeedBox 2.0 Vmax Tuning for Bosch Performance Line CX - fjerner 25 km/t sperre! fra FINN. Kart og flyfoto

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Bosch active line plus or performance cx for tuning

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